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Exhibition of selected works from artists Ingrid Zámečníková and Achilleas Sdoukos took place in our Slovak office premises. The event was held under aegis of the Italian Embassy in Bratislava and we were honored by the visit of H.E. Italian Ambassador Mr. Roberto Martini. Of course, the artists were present as well. Invited guests from Slovakia and Italy were from various business or state fields.

Ingrid Zámečníková is originally from Bratislava but after finishing her study at Accademia di Belle Arti she lived for long time in Greece. The artist is dedicated to poetical painting with realistic elements.

Even her son Achilleas is devoted to art. Base material of his work is glass. He gets inspiration from nature, he likes to connect glass with rocks, wood and other materials. Antic mythology is his endless source of inspiration.

Ingrid Zámečníková and Achilleas Sdoukos displayed their works at various exhibitions around the world, for example in Prague, Athens, Wien and Bratislava. At the moment, you can see their works in the atelier Fenix Glass in Bratislava, Zimná Street no. 3 and of course in our office in the historical center of Bratislava.

You can find more information about this exhibition in article from newspapers Buongiorno Slovacchia.